A woman in Tech, a product leader, and a career coach. 
A mindful yogi, freediver, fitness enthusiast, and singer. 
Here to help accelerate your career transformation!
Let me help your journey of breaking into Product Management and find your dream job in Tech!

Spreading knowledge of growth mind to help you reinvent yourself!

This is me

Coming to Europe from China, going through a transformation from traditional industry to Tech, from business development to product management. I'm keen to share my knowledge and inspire you to go on your journey to find your unique career path and achieve self-reinvention!

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I coach young expats and professionals to find jobs in Tech and transform their career to Product Management through 1 on 1 coaching 

It's never easy to find your own foot living abroad, let alone changing your career at the same time. But you are not alone. I'll share with you all the goodies and lessons I've learned in the past 8 years, so you don't have to do it the hard way.

Why me?
  • You'll get a personalised tailored career coaching program to help you achieve your career aspiration in Tech and Product Management. 

  • You'll learn the most effective tactics and hands-on technique which you can put into practice and see results immediately.

  • You'll get continuous support throughout the whole journey with me along your side.


Gijsbert, Lead Product Strategist

As my mentor, she enabled me to develop a deep understanding of the company's product and the market it was built for. As a leader, what impressed me most is that she truly cares about the people she is responsible and creates a space in which they are not only grow as employees, but as human beings as well.

Daniel, Sr. Product Manager

As my manager, Ling showed amazing ability in helping, guiding, and cultivating better results not only from me but also from the entire team for which she was responsible. Not only having product-wise knowledge, but she also showed a distinguishable talent for stakeholder management and a keen eye for process improvement.

Jeenah, Technical Solution Specialist

Ling is an all-around superstar product manager. I remain impressed by Ling’s thirst for knowledge, eagerness to always dig deeper, and dedication to not only her products but to her team members. Ling’s exuberance and enthusiasm have been utmost encouraging and her support has helped me to also grow significantly in my role as a technical specialist as well.

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